At Sunny Bakehouse, every cake, curd, sauce or cream is made from scratch with quality ingredients to ensure it tastes as good as it looks because ultimately that’s most important. Flavours for cakes, cupcakes and baked treats will also change seasonally to highlight the produce available and also an excuse for me to keep learning. I sincerely hope you enjoy every bite because that’s the goal when I bake.  

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Black Forest Cake

From: $100.00

Sour cream chocolate sponge with cherry compote, whipped crème fraiche and choc dipped cherries (strawberries when cherries are not in season)    The cakes come in 1 or 2 layers, 8 inches wide and can be cut to serve 8-10 healthy quadrants.     Note: A minimum notice of 2 days is required for homely cakes (pending availability) 

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