At Sunny Bakehouse, every cake, curd, sauce or cream is made from scratch with quality ingredients to ensure it tastes as good as it looks because ultimately that’s most important. Flavours for cakes, cupcakes and baked treats will also change seasonally to highlight the produce available and also an excuse for me to keep learning. I sincerely hope you enjoy every bite because that’s the goal when I bake.  

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To make the process of ordering a custom cake and desserts easier and avoiding the back and forth of emails we have created our online store to stream line the process as much as possible. We will of course answer any questions you have via email  or phone 0430 133 890 (opening hours only) but here are some of our most frequently asked questions

Do you offer delivery?

Deliveries for orders over $750 are complimentary.  

We offer delivery to Sydney region starting from $70, please contact us for a quote at

When can I pick up my order?

Pick up are from Blacktown, Sydney (subject to change within the next few months!!) 

Mon – Tues: Closed 

Wed – Fri Pick ups: 7am – 9:30 am and 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm 

Sat – Sun Pick ups: 10 am – 1 pm and 4 pm – 6pm 

When you get to the cart page you can advise the pick up time. We ask if you are running late to contact us at 0430 133 890 or send us an email at

How do I order a cake?

You can order our bespoke and homey cakes directly through our secure online store. For weddings cakes we ask that you fill out our questionnaire and we’ll call you back to discuss what we can create for you! 

You’ll receive a confirmation once your order is accepted. 

When should I order?

For our bespoke and wedding cake range we highly recommend that you order a minimum of 4 weeks in advance as we do get booked out. We can fit in last minute orders but it is very dependant on the availability.  

For the baked treats and homey cakes we recommend booking at least a week in advance.  

We have a handy calendar system in our online store which can you show you our availability.  

We do not take orders more than 6 months in advance.  

How many people does xyz size feed?

All our size recommendations are based on a coffee portion serve of 1 x1 x 2 inches.

1 Tier 

Small – up to 14 serves 

Medium – up to 25 serves 

Large – up to 55 serves 

X-Large – up to 80 serves 

2 Tier 

Small – up to 40 serves 

Medium – up to 80 serves 

3 Tier 

Small – up to 45 serves 

Medium – up to 100 serves 

Large – up to 160 serves 


I don’t see a design I like? Can I customise my own?

Of course! The current design guides are our most popular but we always work with the client to cater to their needs. However, note that this may change the price of the final quote.  

Can you copy this cake?

We are always happy to customise our own designs but strictly do not copy works of other artists.  

Is your kitchen nut/gluten free?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that any of our products are completely gluten/nut free since we work with both and there may be traces present in your product.

Can I order gluten/nut/egg free or vegan cakes?

Currently, we are not at capacity to cater to dietary requirements but hope to introduce this in the future. 

Can I make changes to my order after I pay?

Changes happen and we understand that. We require a minimum of 7 days of notice from your order date for any changes. Clients will be notified of any changes to price before confirmation of the request.

Cancellation of order

Any cancellation within 7 days prior to the order date will not be refunded or credited.  

Any cancellation within 14 days prior to the order date will be credited.  

A full refund will be given to cancellations prior to 14 days of the order date.   


We pride ourselves on our delicious bakes and we put 100% into your order. However, if for any reason you are not happy we will issue a full refund. 

What is in a single tier of cake?

Each tier is composed of three layers of our delicious sponge + 2 layers of your filling and is approximately 15-20 cm tall.

How do I transport my cake?

We recommend placing your cake either in your boot or the bottom of your front passenger seat. Pack a towel, in case it needs to be placed on the seat.

I sent an email but haven’t heard back?

Please allow up to 7 days, we promise we will get back to you! If you haven’t heard from us after that time please send an email pushing for a reply! It will get our attention in case we lost you.  

More questions?

Get in touch & let's make something sweet together.

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