At Sunny Bakehouse, every cake, curd, sauce or cream is made from scratch with quality ingredients to ensure it tastes as good as it looks because ultimately that’s most important. Flavours for cakes, cupcakes and baked treats will also change seasonally to highlight the produce available and also an excuse for me to keep learning. I sincerely hope you enjoy every bite because that’s the goal when I bake.  

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No party is complete without a cake. It’s a fact. Don’t lie and say you don’t go looking for it! 

We love love love buttercream cakes, the silky smooth texture of a meringue based buttercream is a dream to eat. We offer the following designs which act as guides for your cake but each cakes that leaves the Sunny Bakehouse kitchen is unique. So we ask you to give us the direction and trust us to create something beautiful and striking for your event.