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Finger and Blood Lime Tiramisu 

Hands down my all-time favourite dessert is tiramisu. No question about it, I can devour 4 people serving in minutes, no troubles. You can never beat an OG tiramisu (this recipe will be coming soon) but I learnt that there was a limoncello version of tiramisu in Italy. I personally have not been privy to that deliciousness yet. However, I did want to try my own version of it. Here in Australia we are blessed with native citrus varieties, the most popular ones being the finger and blood limes.  

I had a few of them in my fridge so I thought why not make an Australian Tiramisu.  

A few things, the flavours in this tiramisu are subtle but very refreshing and I think they make a perfect spring dessert. The charring of the limes adds a lovely depth to the flavour but if you’re not a fan on smoky flavours you could skip this step.  

The tiramisu is made of finger and blood lime curd folded into a mascarpone crème, the lady finger biscuits are soaked in lemon myrtle tea and the finishing touches are the dusting of cocoa and a sprinkle of finger lime pearls which add a lovely pop of citrus in every bite.  


Finger and Blood Lime curd: 

50g Eggs 

15-20 Finger/Blood Limes  

18g Castor Sugar 

20g lime juice 

15g Unsalted butter 


  1. Char the limes until fragrant, then zest and juice them.  
  1. Mix the egg until no clumps of whites remain with a fork or mini whisk. 
  1. In a heavy bottom sauce pan add the lime zest, the juice from the charred limes and the juice from the regular limes and the castor sugar. 
  1. Mix to combine. 
  1. Put the pan over medium low heat and stir until the curd starts to thicken (usually 5 mins). 
  1. As soon as it thickens take it off the heat and keep stirring to help it cool down faster. 
  1. Transfer curd to a shallow bowl and add in the butter. Mix until the butter has melted and is completely incorporated into the curd.  
  1. Chill. 

Mascarpone Crème 

1 egg yolk (Please use fresh eggs, you can omit this but know the crème won’t be as rich, just add 20g more mascarpone if replacing) 

25g Castor Sugar 

150g Mascarpone  

All the lime curd you made 


  1. Use a hand whisk to whip the egg yolk, sugar and mascarpone until you have a smooth cream.  
  1. Fold in the curd, leave some streaks of curd for variation in flavour.  
  1. Chill. 


You’ll need about 10-15 lady finger biscuits, depending on the size of them.  

Grab a shallow tray about 18-cm wide and 4 cm meters tall and start building your tiramisu! 

  1. Start with a thin layer of crème in the bottom of the tray and top wth lady finger biscuits lightly soaked in strong lemon myrtle tea (make sure it is a light soak! No soggy biscuits).  
  1. Follow by a layer of crème and then another layer of biscuits.  
  1. The last layer should be the crème, dust the top of it with dark cocoa powder and lime pearls.  
  1. It now needs to rest for at least 4 hours for everything to marry and be delicious, so exercise some patience and pop it in the fridge.  
  1. Eat all 4 portions by yourself.  

The photos show this recipe x 3 


Happy Making! 

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